Customer Endorsements

So much better than what I had envisioned

I’m glad you didn’t skimp on the front walk- it’s definitely worth the $$$. We love the front entrance, it’s so much better than what I had envisioned! You really got what I wanted but took it to the next level. We were so pleased to have Jeremy and Neil on the job they really nailed it with the finishing touches…both are really detailed in their craft!
Everything concerning the roofs and gutters is more than what we expected….perfection is hard to achieve but somehow you made it happen on every one of our projects!

Mary May
Madison, WI

Skilled and Accomodating

I have operated housing and fitness businesses in downtown Madison for more than 20 years. During that time we have completed nearly 50 housing renovation projects along with the construction of two fitness centers and two restaurants. During this period of time we have looked to Scott Nyland and S&R Remodeling on numerous occassions. Scott has continuously looked to accommodate our schedule and is quick to listen carefully to what our mission and objectives for each project are. His staff is skilled and accommodating. From replacing roofs and modest apartment kitchen/bath remodels all the way to our very high end spa construction and locker room construction at Capital Fitness, Scott has been able to perform above and beyond our expectations.

When it came time to remodel my own penthouse apartment in downtown Madison that included unusual and complex finish treatments and materials, along with difficult mechanical systems including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, fire protection to work with and around; S&R delivered top quality finish that was spectacular.

I am proud to recommend his services.

Erik Minton - Owner
Madison, WI
Capital Fitness Gym

Recommend them for any job

For better than a decade, S&R Remodeling has done work for me in all types of capacities. As an owner of many apartments, I have had the need for carpentry, electrical, plumbing, painting, etc. on a planned basis as well as in emergencies. In addition to engaging S&R Remodeling to work in the apartment homes of my many renters, I have several times entrusted S&R with both small and large jobs in my personal home. Not only has Scott and his team been responsive, professional and thorough, but also always price competitive. I have always been pleased with the quality and pricing of the work I have received from S&R Remodeling. I trust Scott and his team and feel absolutely comfortable recommending them for any job they say they can handle.

John F. Dohm - President
Madison, Wisconsin
Regency Property Management

Contractors are Quality People

When contracting for any service in our home the main concern is always the workers who will be here. This is why we have worked with S&R on more than one project. You can expect the work to be completed to your specifications and on time. More importantly, the employees at S&R and the subs are quality people to work with. Everyone is professional when on the job, which is extremely important because they are in our home.
We are already planning another remodeling project and wouldn’t think of asking anyone else to do the work.

Hear live customer testimonial:

Jim and Mary Dwyer
Home Owners
Madison, Wisconsin

Prompt and Professional

S&R remodeling has done a bathroom remodeling, a kitchen flooring and a siding project for us and we have been extremely happy with their work. Scott & crew performed their work in a prompt and professional matter with nothing but the best quality at a reasonable price. We couldn't be any happier with the work done by S&R Remodeling and we will definitely use their services for all our future remodeling projects.

Eric & Ginny Lowry
Madison, Wisconsin
Home Owners

Excellent Craftsmanship

Five years ago, my husband and I purchased and started managing commercial property. During this demanding period, S&R Remodeling helped us transition comfortably with helpful suggestions along with great skill, thoroughness and excellence in craftsmanship. The overall knowledge, the quick response, and the comfortable reliable relationship make it easy to recommend his services. We take comfort in knowing that the security and value of our building is his first priority.

Our tenants have commented numerous times how Scott and his staff have been pleasant and extremely friendly to work with. They are very conscientious about clean up and have always scheduled a complete walk through to make sure satisfaction is achieved. Recommending S&R Remodeling is easy to do, many thanks to Scott and his staff.
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Dr. Stuart and Cori McCormick
Madison, Wisconsin
McCormick Family Venture LLC

Virtually rebuilt our home

My husband & I purchased our house in 1997, and soon after started remodeling every inch of the house. Our first project was the kitchen. After a lot of deliberation, we chose a well known larger contractor. We had numerous problems and found that it was nearly impossible to get far enough up the chain of command to resolve anything. It was awkward and uncomfortable having employees in our house who couldn't give answers or make decisions, and frankly, seemed irritated to be bothered with any details. They just did as they were told by supervisors who only ever saw the project underway once. We decided then to start working with Scott and his staff for the rest of the projects and we couldn't be happier.

Scott and his crew have virtually rebuilt our home. Everything from bathrooms and taking out walls, to roofing, tiling, new woodwork & trim and a master suite and bathroom addition. Scott's guys are personable and knowledgeable. They have access to Scott at all times, and Scott is willing to come out and check on the details in a moments notice. Our agreement for the addition was to start after my son's birthday (9/1) and be completed before Thanksgiving dinner. Without fail, they did not let us down. In fact, they completed everything 3 days in advance, AND meticously cleaned up after themselves and helped me move furniture back!

I recommend Scott to everyone who asks, and they have been happy, as well. About 6 years into our working relationship, I decided to get some other bids for a project, just to see if Scott was remaining competitive with his prices. He was the lowest bid. I am happy to recommend Scott. We have found him to be knowledgeable, fair, honest, and always easy to work with.
Hear live customer testimonial


Jim & Lisa Mankowski
Madison, Wisconsin
Home Owners

Remodeling Partners

If there is one thing I learned while starting a new business, it's the importance of quality vendors and the relationships you build with those vendors.

Being new to the construction process, I needed a contractor that could help me wade through the waters of uncertainty. S&R Remodeling did just that!

The team worked with me to find and iron out potential issues early in the process that helped keep me on time and on budget while delivering a superior product\service.
Scott Nyland and S&R Remodeling played a big part in taking Ecco Salon from an idea into what it is today!

I would highly recommend the S&R Remodeling team for any job.

Sarah Lange, Owner
Fitchburg, Wisconsin
Ecco Salon

Jason Guttenberg

S&R Remodeling has proven again and again that they can handle almost any job I can throw at them. Just to list a few of S&R's capabilities, they have performed high quality commercial build-outs, residential remodeling projects and tedious repairs on a 4-star bed and breakfast for me. S&R Remodeling has come through with great work on extremely difficult jobs. They are consistently meeting the time constraints that I place on them. I can't say that about many other contractors.

I have referred clients to S&R Remodeling and each time they have exceeded the expectations. The level of communication with the client and the willingness to work within a budget is exceptional. Every time I send Scott a referral he makes me look good. If you are looking for a contractor who is dependable, creative and detail oriented S&R Remodeling is the right one for you. I would highly recommend their services to anyone with the above needs services. You will not be disappointed.

Jason Guttenberg
Madison, Wisconsin
Home Owner

Family Service trusts S&R Remodeling

I work for Family Service, a non-profit mental health clinic, in Madison. Part of my job is to manage the building. We have worked with S & R Remodeling for the past few years and have had a really positive experience. S&R Remodeling keeps our non-profit status in mind and has aways done timely and complete work. Our building has had its share of emergencies and Scott has always been quick to respond and keep us operational. Most importantly, being a mental health clinic, we protect the confidentiality of our clients. Scott's crew has been exceptional in our building. Very respectful of client rights and confidentiality and working around our clinic schedule to keep the noise down during sessions.
Scott has gone out of his way to make recommendations to save us money. Recently, he notified us of our lack of insultation in the attic. Scott's crew did the work and this winter, we actually saved money on
our heating bill!
Family Service trusts S&R Remodeling and recommends their services.

Julie Turner, Director of Administration
Madison, Wisconsin
Family Service

Basement Remodel Better than Expected

After purchasing a home on the West side of Madison and doing some remodeling myself, I had decided that the lower level needed to be completed not only to increase the living space but to help with the value. I place many calls into difference contractors to get estimates on the remodel. Of the few responses received, Scott of S&R Remodeling was by far the most professional and reasonable in pricing. Not knowing what to expect I was extremely happy and impressed with Scott and his staff on the quality and professionalism of everyone. Scott and his staff were dedicated to what they were doing, responsive to my needs and always helpful with suggestions and ideas that only made the final product better than expected. I will gladly use S&R again for remodeling and suggest them with pride knowing whoever hires them will be pleased with their work.

Kevin Wittwer
Westside Madison, Wisconsin
Home Owner

The SR Remodeling experience is different

My wife and I have had several remodeling projects done in our home. Before we found Scott and S&R Remodeling, we experienced the usual delays, less than competent work, people not showing up, and not cleaning up after they left. With S&R, the entire experience has been different. We had a three season porch re-done, as well as window replacements and smaller jobs. Scott has been efficient, honest, and available to deal with problems or questions. His staff have been punctual, competent, and clean. It is such a pleasure to work with people who are professional in their work and their interactions! In any kind of business, it is important to us to trust the people who work for us. With S&R, we fell blessed to have the kind of relationships that we have come to expect with other types of professionals.

Philip Lomas, M.D., Lucille Marchand, M.D.
Verona, WI
Home Owners


I had S&R Remodeling help me with several projects. They installed a new roof and painted the entire interior of my home. Each job was done after 2 days and no mess was left behind. No nails in my yard or paint specs on my carpet. I felt very comfortable with each of the staff, they were very knowledgeable and friendly. The thing that impressed me the most is was the extra little tips they gave me about up keeping my new improvements.

Madison, Wisconsin
Home Owner

Extra Little Home Improvement Tips

I had S&R Remodeling help me with several projects. They installed a new roof and painted the entire interior of my home. Each job was done after 2 days and no mess was left behind. No nails in my yard or paint specs on my carpet. I felt very comfortable with each of the staff, they were very knowledgeable and friendly. The thing that impressed me the most is was the extra little tips they gave me about up keeping my new improvements.

Madison, Wisconsin
Home Owner

I always recommend SR Remodeling

“I hired S&R Remodeling sight unseen, from Washington, D.C. before I moved to Stoughton and they were absolutely terrific in everyway. They painted the inside of my house (before I arrived), re-did a bathroom, completed and stained a deck, fixed doors, painted cupboards, etc. Everyone on the crew was polite, industrious, and very good at whatever they were asked to do. They were on time each day, finished the projects on time and were always concerned about keeping my house clean. And, my dog was totally in love with everyone – they were great to her too.
I always recommend S&R Remodeling and Scott Nyland to others.”

Merri Oxley
Stoughton, Wisconsin
Home Owner

Kitchen Remodel Perfectionist

"We were extremely pleased with the kitchen remodel done by S&R.  The crew is very skilled as well pleasant, friendly, and thorough.  After their daily work, all areas were left clean and neat.  Scott is a perfectionist and a good communicator, which I appreciate.   He provided detailed estimates and responded to changes that came up as the work progressed. We were pleased with each of his subcontractors.  We love our new kitchen and bath and we find evidence of excellent work in each are of the remodel."

Ann and Antonio
Madison, WI
Home Owners

I would re-hire

"I was unaware of Scott's company until it was recommended to me. On the strength of that recommendation I contacted them and couldn't be happier with that decision. In my position, I am often asked whether I would re-hire people. In this case I can emphatically answer yes -- and I intend to."

Richard E. Dohm, CEO
Madison, WI
DocuSafe of Madison, Inc.

Kitchen Remodel Done Quickly

"When thinking about remodeling our kitchen, we really wanted a contractor who would get in and get the job done. We are a family of four with two children and living without a kitchen was a bit daunting. Our project required a total removal of cabinets, appliances and flooring in addition to painting and re-carpeting our family room. The entire project was completed in less than six weeks. Along the way, Scott and his staff worked hard and conscientiously within our home. We are more than pleased with the finished product and would not hesitate to recommend Scott and S & R Remodeling to others. "

Tracy & Mike Pajewski
Madison, Wisconsin
Home Owners

Bathroom renovation on 80 year old house

S&R Remodeling did a fabulous job! From the original meeting to the final details, every aspect was handled quickly, easily, and with excellent professionalism. The work crew arrived on time each day and fully prepared for the many twists and turns involved in renovating an old structure.

Construction Tips

Compare Apples to Apples in Construction Quotes

When getting quotes for a construction or remodeling project, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Ask all potential contractors to quote your remodeling project using the same construction materials as other contractors who are quoting. Not all building materials are the same - and some contractors use inferior products to slip in with the lowest bid.
--Get all remodeling contractors to create their quotes using specified construction materials

Ask for photos of past construction work

Ask potential contractors for images of completed construction or remodeling projects that you can see. Don't be afraid to ask to speak to past references. If it's possible, visit a complete remodeling or construction site where you can see the quality and craftsmanship first hand.
--View past construction jobs to verify the quality the contractor is offering - SR Remodeling Gallery