Remodeling Budget

It’s a fact of life -- we all have to work within a budget when we make purchases. Home remodeling is no exception. 

After 20 years in business, we have found that customers are never comfortable talking about their budget. People worry that if they ‘tip their hand’ they might get overcharged by a dishonest contractor. It’s common for folks to get estimates from three different companies to make sure they receive a bid they can depend on.

Sharing your Project Budget with an Honest Contractor

Before you take the time to meet with three (or more) contractors, you might want to consider the advantages of sharing your budget with an honest contractor:

  • Your contractor can design the project around your budget.
  • Instead of focusing on writing the most competitive bid, your contractor can show you the nicest trim levels and accessories that still fit your requirements.
  • It takes a lot of time for you to meet with three companies, and have three strangers in your home.
  • A realistic budget will reduce the stress of decision-making , throughout the entire project.

You can trust S&R Remodeling to design the project around your needs, with your best interests in mind. 

One last thing to consider: remember to leave a little wiggle-room in your budget for the “incidental” things that come up. Most of the time, we will take care them without changing the cost. It’s a common practice for contractors to really hike their prices up in these situations, but rather than over-charge you, “we figure we are already there so we can do it cheaper.”

Construction Tips

Compare Apples to Apples in Construction Quotes

When getting quotes for a construction or remodeling project, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Ask all potential contractors to quote your remodeling project using the same construction materials as other contractors who are quoting. Not all building materials are the same - and some contractors use inferior products to slip in with the lowest bid.
--Get all remodeling contractors to create their quotes using specified construction materials

Ask for photos of past construction work

Ask potential contractors for images of completed construction or remodeling projects that you can see. Don't be afraid to ask to speak to past references. If it's possible, visit a complete remodeling or construction site where you can see the quality and craftsmanship first hand.
--View past construction jobs to verify the quality the contractor is offering - SR Remodeling Gallery