Roofing Project - completedS&R Remodeling has experience installing many types of roofs: shingle, rubber membrane and metal.  We have carpenters on the job with over 20 years roofing experience to ensure that all materials used in your roofing project will last a long time.  We have the experience to know that if you use a 25-year shingle and the base wood is not structurally sound, you will have problems with your roof long before the shingle reaches the end of its life span.

While some roofers do not hire carpenters and other skilled labor, S&R Remodeling’s roofing team has the skills you need for a quality, affordable job that will maximize your investment. And we only buy our roofing products from professional suppliers, not from discount lumberyards which use lower-quality roofing products.

S&R Remodeling does not hire seasonal roofing workers.  Some companies bring in workers from other areas in the high season or if large storms create lots of roof and siding damage in an area.  All of our employees are local guys that live in your neighborhood.

Ice and Water Shield - Roof Damage Protector

Significant amounts of water damage from ice dams can occur in roofs that are not properly treated with Water Sield. We recommend G’ Ice & Watershield on eve ends and all valleys.  Manufactures suggest that additional areas should also be done. Average homes should cost $300–$500 to protect the roof with this G' Ice & Watershield Roofing Sealer. This is a small price to protect a 25-year roof from thousands of dollars in damage!

Without a water shield, you are at risk in the harsh Wisconsin winters to damage from ice dams. All roofs are susceptible to ice dams – even the best built roofs cannot prevent water from infiltrating into shingles when ice builds up. For this reason, SR Remodeling recommends the use of Water Shield on every roof installation.

Roofing Material Disposal and Clean up

S&R Remodeling uses a one-ton dump truck to collect disposal roofing waste, which means you won’t have a large, unsightly dumpster in your yard for week after week.  It also means that you don’t have to worry about dents in your driveway or divots in your grass.

To minimize the inconvenience to you, we take our truck away when the main disposal work is completed. At the end of each day, we remove debris (shingles and nails from tear-off and roofing packaging materials) so you don’t have build-up that can cause injury.

We meticulously clean up around your home during the entire roofing project.  We run our “nail hound” across your yard and driveway daily, so you won’t have to worry about dangerous situations for pets and family.  We work hard to protect your siding and bushes from dropped shingles and nails during roof tear-off.

As your roofing contractor of choice, it is our primary objective to keep your house and yard as clean as possible while we work.

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Construction Tips

Compare Apples to Apples in Construction Quotes

When getting quotes for a construction or remodeling project, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Ask all potential contractors to quote your remodeling project using the same construction materials as other contractors who are quoting. Not all building materials are the same - and some contractors use inferior products to slip in with the lowest bid.
--Get all remodeling contractors to create their quotes using specified construction materials

Ask for photos of past construction work

Ask potential contractors for images of completed construction or remodeling projects that you can see. Don't be afraid to ask to speak to past references. If it's possible, visit a complete remodeling or construction site where you can see the quality and craftsmanship first hand.
--View past construction jobs to verify the quality the contractor is offering - SR Remodeling Gallery